studio w/ karlee

yes, another incredible shoot with the one and only Karlee Ownbey. Karlee is absolutely one of my favorite models I have every worked with and we have started to become really good friends. Karlee suggested that we shoot in a studio and I was ecstatic when she asked me that. I have been wanting to shoot in a studio for the longest time. the closest thing I have gotten to a studio is my bedroom with some lights I bought off Amazon for dirt cheap. even tho this place didn't have nice lights for us, we didn't need them. the light that came through the huge windows was enough. the shots I got of Karlee laying on the ground with the light hitting her body just right, are some shots that I have envisioned myself getting for the longest time. and now I finally have the talent to get them and am so happy with my progress. overall this shoot was an absolute blast and Karlee was incredible to work with as always.