Start of the Traveling

on september 30th, 2016 i leave for Hawaii for over two weeks. i have never really traveled that much because i always came up with an excuse to why i couldn't go. i decided i am tired of waiting for the right moment, because if i keep waiting, that right moment to travel may never come. this trip to Hawaii will be one unforgettable trip for me. i am going to capture every moment possible on this trip through the eyes of my camera, and can't wait to share my experiences through photography and videography. who knows...maybe I'll run into Jay Alvarrez or Alexis Ren. 

 i have always wanted to be known for going to cool places and always being gone on trips. but i haven't even been out of my home town of Utah in almost 6 years. i absolutely love living in Utah, but 6 years without a change is a bit much no matter where you live.  i think traveling is one of the best ways anyone in this world will be able to fully experience what this life is about, which is to love one another and learn from each other. one thing i personally believe very strongly is that we are not meant to work a 9-5 everyday of the week for half of our lives. work is necessary but it should not control your life. this life is meant to be lived to the fullest (as cliche as that sounds). you should experience all the highs and lows of this world. all the beautiful things this world has to offer and to learn from. you should go learn different cultures and different ways of living, because i guarantee you that it will be different than where you came from. make friends from different states and even different countries. this world is huge and is meant to be explored in every aspect. traveling will help anyone grow in all aspects of life.  even if you have to go by yourself. just go! the experiences you have will change you in ways you never thought possible.  i can't wait to grow from all of these experiences and take you along with me, and show you all this world has to offer. let's go.